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Welcome to my world of gun stocks, walnut shavings and hand rubbed finishes.  I can smell those fragrances in my mind as I type these words.  I have been working on gun stocks for over twenty years now, at first as a hobby in the evening, now as a part time job.  I am a stock maker, wood worker and a hunter.   I specialize in repair and restoration of gunstocks, cracked, broken, and oil soaked.  My name is Bill Sporcich, and I strive to do quality work at a reasonable cost.

Sorry, my phone number is not listed on this page, please email me.  Once we have decided to do work I will gladly give you my number.  

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I have satisfied customers locally and throughout North America performing rifle stock and shotgun stock work.  I have the capability of making custom gun  stocks, however in most cases the old stock can be repaired at a fraction of the cost.  It's your choice.  The only thing that can stop a repair is the lack of wood in the stock to produce an adequate metal to wood fit once we are finished with the sanding.  Another Got-You is missing pieces of the stock, tiny pieces are not a problem and surprisingly large pieces are not a big problem, but those finger nail sized pieces can be a serious problem especially on the highly figured stocks. Matching the grain and color of the new piece to the old is the difficult part.
I wish I could tell you now what it will cost to repair, checker, refinish, and/or rebuild your gun stock. however there is just to much variations  in stocks,  and the degree of difficulty to come up with a reliable estimate without looking at the piece. Shotgun stock  repair
For instance, I do not have a set price to refinish a stock, some take only a half hour to strip, others can take 2 hours.  My estimated costs are shown for you on the Rates page.

Give me a call or email me, I live in a small town in eastern Washington, and do work for customers all over the country.  Lets try to work something out over cyberspace using digital photos  and the great delivery services we have to choose from.  I will give you a preliminary estimate before I see the piece, and a final quote after I have inspected the stock.

E-Mail Me. Got a question or comment?  Take a look at my FAQ page, or contact me, my email address is  or just click on the spinning icon. My company name is StockMaker, I fix gun stocks better then new.      

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